Career Pathways

Culinary Arts

Description: The Culinary Arts program is a 5-16 week program. It can include college credits depending upon the training institution. The program is held around Los Angeles County and in partnership with: Cerritos College, Harbor College, Academy of Culinary Education, and Mission College. Each program takes place on campus of the training provider. Upon completion, participants can receive: A certificate of completion, Food Handler's Card, or Manager's Card.

Job Placement: Upon completion of the technical training, LACOE will provide job leads, coordinate recruitments or mini job fairs, and work with employers on behalf of participants.


Grill Cook, Cook In Institution Or Cafeteria, Cook In A Restaurant, Prep Cook, Pastry Cook, Line Cook, Baker, Caterer, Kitchen Supervisor

Salary: $15,075 - $40,440 Annually | Median Salary: $24,730 Annually

Description: To qualify for these positions, participants attend an Information Session to learn about the program and to determine if the program meets their career goals as outlined in their Vocation Assessment. Once accepted into the program, participants will attend a Bootcamp that will help them prepare for the upcoming training by focusing on Industry terminology, Soft Skills, and cooking math (conversion of measurements). In the Technical Training, participants attend classes, perform work experience-type training, and continue Soft Skills courses. Upon completion of the technical training, participants receive a skilled certificate and are assisted with job placement. Entry-level jobs in the Culinary industry that graduates qualify for are Prep Cooks, Grill Cooks, Line Cooks, and Pastry Cooks. They can be hired in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, schools, or other large organizations.


Fast Food Manager, Restaurant Assistant Manager, Kitchen Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, Kitchen Manager, Pastry Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Personal Chef, Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager

Salary: $30,087 - $53,180 Annually | Median Salary: $40,521 Annually

Description: When a Prep Cook or Cook has had experience for 3 to 12 months and has training from a community college, they will be eligible for higher level positions such as Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, and Manager. Participants are encouraged to continue their education at the college where they received their Certificate of Completion while working around their work schedule. LACOE encourages participants to gain relevant on-the-job experience by staying with their initial culinary employer for at least a year. This will also help them to build longevity with an employer.


Nutritionist, Chef Manager, Head Chef, Food Safety Coordinator, Cooking Instructor Postsecondary, Restaurant General Manager, Executive Chef Executive Pastry Chef, Chef De Cuisine, Corporate Chef, Food Scientist

Salary: $39,184 - $74,091 Annually | Median Salary: $57,632 Annually

Description: For those continuing their education in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor's or Master's Degree will allow them to be a Culinary Instructor at an institute of higher learning. A degree in Culinary Arts will also qualify individuals for Corporate and Executive Chef positions with well-known chain restaurants. For those wanting to branch out, getting a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Food Science & Nutrition or Dietetics will qualify individuals to work in hospitals setting diets for patients or doing food research. In general, management positions will require 7-8 years of work experience and at least a Bachelor's Degree. However, Culinary Arts is a unique industry where an individual can acquire a high level position such as Sous Chef and Executive Chef based solely on work experience and talent.


Entrepreneurs Of Catering Businesses, Restaurants, Bakeries, And Other Food Service Businesses

Salary: Earning Potential Is Unlimited

Description: For those holding titles of Sous Chef and higher may want to open their own restaurant or bakery based on the experience they learned from working in a professional kitchen. Although opening a business is risky, many are willing to take the chance based on the freedom and earning potential. Those with degrees may also find entrepreneurial opportunities in Dietetics or Food Research.