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Self-sufficiency through gainful employment

The GAIN Program helps communities in the Los Angeles area build economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment. The LACOE GAIN Division is part of a large-scale, welfare-to-work initiative called Greater Avenues for Independence that operates in every county in California. In Los Angeles County, the initiative is under the supervision of the Department of Public Social Services.

The LACOE GAIN Division serves local businesses and employers by helping them find and hire quality workers who are seeking opportunities for meaningful employment. These prospective workers are participants in the state welfare programs known as California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS) or General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW). Each year, the LACOE GAIN Division provides job-readiness and career planning services to 50,000 participants at 21 job club sites around the county. The goal is to assist each participant in connecting with work opportunities that will lead to: a job – a better job – a career.

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